Woodworking Machinery, Dowel Insertion, Case clamps

In stock machines
Two Indexes in stock - one standard and one standard with top drill controlled by
z-axis through the computer
The Express S2 and S2 RTA drills and inserts hinges, hinge plates, cams and other hardware- cycle time is 5 to 7 seconds ......more
The Selekta glues and inserts dowels at the rate of one per two second......more
The DB-27 has a 27 spindle drillhead with a drilling width of 32-3/4" and a total width of 36"....more

The Easy is a single platen case clamp designed for shops doing modular casework. Clamping pressure allows for multiple cases to be clamped at one time.....more

Dowel Insertion machine

The Gannomat Protec CNC controlled precision milling center is coming to AWFS 2015 - A brochure is available by calling


Booth number 7424

Come by our booth for live demonstrations of the Protec CNC milling center, the Index dowel insertion machine, the Express RTA insertion machine, Concept clamps and the Selekta glue and dowel insertion machine and the DB-27 construction boring machine

AMCO best quality dowels for dowel insertion machines ...more

image of dowels

Specially formulated glue for glue injecters and manual gluing ....more

OEM tooling is available for all machines...more

For more information on Dowels , glue and tooling - 703-904-7890